Material Genius


Innovation, technology and designers come together to create some seriously stunning results.


So, you might be thinking, “oh, how exciting, a blog that kicks off with a crate”  to which I reply, “but wait—this ‘wood’ crate is actually made of aluminum.” Ha! Tricky huh? And no painful splinters. These trompe l’oeil “crates” are from the Ortofrutta collection by Italian artist Andrea Salvetti and are available at Moss.





Portland Design studio Esque came up with these showstopping water-drop jug vases. Each is hand blown and Gorgeous (yes that is gorgeous with a capital G). You can buy them here.


And this…..



is made of steel. *sigh* Thanks De Castelli.



Moving on to something for the materiality savvy folks with a more down-to-earth budget, Berkeley designer Josh Jakus is doing some very fresh stuff with felt.


This object can hold your odds and ends or can make a lovely fruit tray, and it folds flat.  I don’t know how. I really don’t but Josh Jakus does and that’s enough. You can buy it at Branch.








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