Sea-Inspired Finds


Who’s ready for a clambake? True this is hardly the Hamptons, but summer sun and holiday weekends make me nostalgic for that classic East Coast tradition, regardless of the fact that I’ve never actually been to one. However, if someone’s not taking care of all that corn shucking or lobster murdering for me it’s probably not going to happen. So instead, I’ll focus on all the seashore-inspired goods I’ve found around the design world of late. These finds are stylish, summery, and don’t require a shell cracker to enjoy.

No sea creatures were harmed in the making of this curio. Crocheted coral specimen from the Curiosity Shoppe; $100.

If you do decide to get a clambake going this weekend, what better to set your hot pot upon than this fish trivet? $38 from Jonathan Adler.

Did you know that in seahorses it’s the male that becomes pregnant? Yup, these creatures are fascinating. (Did we mention they look like horses and live in the sea?!) Keep an intricately detailed pewter cast of one at hand to remind you of the crazy genius that is Mother Nature. $35 from Rare Device.

This Thomas Paul pillow just might be the perfect hostess gift. Because honestly, who doesn’t love lobster? $80 from Burke Decor.


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