Mapping Your World


You are here. And I’ve been just about everywhere else rummaging for the best in maps to bring to you… here. Below, a few personal favorites that will help you get your bearings as stylishly as possible.

I love steering out-of-towners to my framed Ork print to help them get the lay of the land here in San Francisco. It’s practical for pinpointing all the tiny neighborhoods around the city, and it’s stylish enough to look at home on the wall even after the guests have left. They’re available for Los Angeles too, as well as plenty of cities outside of the state. Ork L.A. and S.F. posters available for $22.

For new residents to San Francisco, I’ll have to point them in the direction of this informative map from local artist Wendy MacNaughton. It gives all the helpful tips one needs to know when navigating Craigslist for a first city apartment. $24.95 from 7×7.

I really love the stripped-down stylings of these city grid maps from Etsy seller studiokmo. Can you guess what California metropolis is shown above? Click to find out. $35 from studiokmo.

I’ve seen enough pork belly plates on menus around town to agree that San Francisco really is for carnivores, regardless of what the town’s hippy forefathers might say. Here, the city’s neighborhoods get tweaked to fit into the form of a pig butchery diagram. You might even find a stray hock or rump hidden in there for good measure. $26 from drywell.

And if you’re outside of California, this beautiful map of the world from Famille Summerbelle should have you covered. It’s based off of an original paper-cutting, and includes all sorts of details like animals and landmarks to enchant little ones and grown-ups alike. $60 from Famille Summerbelle.


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