Mollusk’s Beach-Inspired Prints


As with all long weekends, this last one was far, far too short. If it were up to me, three-day weekends would be the norm. Why not? You’d still get a respectable four days of work under your belt, but you’d also get an added day to enjoy the sunshine, slip off to the beach, and maybe even pick up a new hobby. In fact, I contribute my lack of surfing skills to the country’s measly weekend allotment.With more three-day weekends our quality of life index would soar skywards, and I’d be riding waves in no time. If I were running for office, it would be the central point of my platform; really, it’s a humanitarian cause.

Since I’m not quite yet able to make executive decisions for the good of the country, I guess I’ll have to just plan on making the most of my next three-day holiday instead. In the spirit, I’ve got a collection of beach-inspired prints from Mollusk Surf Shop. Here’s hoping our next long weekend is warm, surf-filled, and lasts for weeks on end.


Hecox’s Present, by Evan Hecox; $100


Save Our Ship, by Jeff Canham; $50


Green & Orange, by John McCambridge; $50

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