No Crying in Home Decorating?


Whether teardrops or raindrops, I don’t think I’d mind them so much if they came in all shades of the rainbow. Wouldn’t that make for a far prettier storm or crying jag? I’d say so. And to prove my point, have a look at these colorful wall tears:

Yes, that’s not a typo. Wall. Tears. Why? Only those mischievous designers at Esque can say for sure. But despite my confusion as to how these came to be, I must admit I’m oddly fascinated. And though I tend to prefer my walls apathetic at best, I think I’d be glad to find a few of these shed around my home.

If you’re not feeling it, here’s a similar look in a more practical application:

Sure it’s not quite the same as a sobbing wall, but the jug lamp from Cisco Brothers has a similar shape and, when grouped in a smattering colors, calls to mind a downpour of technicolor drops.


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