Wood You Care for a Rustic-Chic Home?


“Rustic chic” is a phrase that’s gets batted around design blogs all the time, but it’s a bit of an enigma to actually capture. Sure, it’s easy enough to parcel out the meaning: You’re looking for a blend of part earthy substance, part luxurious style. But it’s the composition and balance of these two seemingly opposing characteristics that’s the crucial part, and it can be a beast to get right.

However–and here’s where I’m dying to say, “By Jove, I think she’s got it!”–I believe I’ve got the secret to the formula, and it’s a cinch to use: Simply sprinkle with a dash of wood, and your rustic-chic dilemma is solved. Below, a few home accents that exhibit this formula perfectly.

Rugged bark on the outside, smooth-as-silk porcelain on the inside, these vases have “rustic chic” down to a tee.

A walnut top keeps this simple table from feeling too stark.


Whether skewed classically composed or glammed-out in gold tones, wooden handles keep things in the same style family here.


So magical is this not-so-secret ingredient, that even the idea of wood–as with these faux bois dishes from Marcie McGoldrick–and you’re on the right rustic-chic path.

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