Slap a Coat of Paint on It


Living in an apartment that’s short on space, I constantly find myself having to purge all the little knickknacks and accumulated stuff that manages to somehow find its way into the house. Conversely, I’m also always on the hunt for lovely objects with which to beautify my abode. If only I had a magic wand to transform all that junky stuff into pretty pieces, I’d be all set.

As it turns out, in the world of DIY a can of spray paint can be as good as a magic wand, so long as you’ve got the imagination to make it work. Luckily, Kathleen, the Seattle-based blogger behind Twig and Thistle, seems to have that characteristic in spades, as this simple project she created for Style Me Pretty will attest. She gathered up a collection of old jars and vases that had seen better days, then, through the power of flat black spray paint, turned them into a glamorous centerpiece.

J’adore this look! J’want to ransack my apartment for paintable items to recreate it right now!

But if you, unlike me, do not accumulate useless things quite so easily, perhaps you’d prefer this project featured on Canadian home blog Poppytalk. Here, a mix of used jars straight out of the ol’ recycling bin get the magic treatment, courtesy of dollops of paint swirled around inside.

The results of both easy fixes are so pretty, I guarantee you’ll be considering every potential garage sale cast-off with a painter’s eye from now on.

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