Cake Stands: Everything Looks Better on a Pedestal


Everyone deserves to be put up on a pedestal every now and again, be it a special occasion or, perhaps even better, just a Tuesday. In a similar vein, most everything–be it the mundane trappings of life or the beautiful–looks better on a pedestal. That’s why cake stands are such fun and versatile decorative pieces. What, did you think they were just for cakes? Au contraire. Load one up with your favorite jewelry, an arrangement of flowers, even a pile of soap and all of a sudden you’ve got a gorgeous vignette. Case in point:

Holly of Decor8 turns a collection of vessels and a handful of clippings into a lovely little arrangement.

Likewise, these centerpieces from Sweet Paul live up to the blogger’s moniker, indeed.

Try it for yourself with one of these jadeite stands from Fishs Eddy. That classic pistachio green looks just as good holding a mound of unopened mail as it does holding a cake.

Here’s another classic option, this time from Bauer. It comes in a rainbow of shades, so one is sure to complement your decor.

Or go for a pop of modern color with these mini-pedestals from Iacoli & McAllister. The bottoms are actually powder-coated candlestick holders!

And for an extra-special little something, how about a footed candy dish from Williams-Sonoma? It’s less than 6 inches in diameter, making it just right for the tiniest of treasures.


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