Trend: Collections on Wallpaper


You can tell a lot about a person’s interests simply by stepping inside their home. A reader will have books stacked everywhere; a sports fan, plenty of their favorite team’s memorabilia, and so on. We surround ourselves with that which we love, so it’s no wonder a home speaks such volumes. And now, the writing’s on the wall for avid collectors… literally. The latest trend in wallpaper is all about showcasing your favorite pastime prominently. Here, the perfect roll for every type of collector.

For the voracious reader:

Stacked paperback wallpaper from Anthropologie.

Here’s a close-up:

For the old-school beat junkie:

Analog Nights in “glimmer” from Wallpaper Collective.

Porcelain fancier:

Porcelain wallpaper from Le Souk.

Shoe collector:

Svärmor wallpaper, another Le Souk find.

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