Hang ‘Em High


I’ve been flexing my green thumb lately, taking advantage of the good weather to get out and get planting. My tiny balcony is now crammed to bursting with shrubbery and herbs. The very short supply of free space indoors holds pots of every shape and size. There’s nowhere left to go really, except up.

If you also like a little verdant beauty at home but don’t want to sacrifice your flat surfaces, follow my lead and hang them in one of these eye-catching, space-saving planters.

Ingeniously simple design from Perch!, available online at Branch for $106.

Faceted hanging tray from Pigeon Toe Ceramics; $56.

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are supremely easy to care for; they don’t need soil and get pretty much all the water they need from the air. Hang yours in these nifty little pods from Etsy shop Mudpuppy, starting at $30.

Another upside-down option, this time from New Zealand company Boskke. These planters hold a little ceramic reservoir in the top (um, normally the bottom) of the cup, which slowly feeds water directly to the plant’s roots. Available online starting at around $25, or in San Francisco at General Store.

Circle pots from L.A.’s Potted garden store; $75 each.

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