Weekend Homes on the Go!


Okay, I know what your thinking, RV’s are not typically on the cutting edge of design. The standard Winnebago looks a bit like a tipped over refrigerator on wheels. However, the venerable Airstream has always been an exception to the rule; with its sleek aluminum hull the Airstream has become a midcentury icon. Still, the basic Airstream you tow off the lot might still feel somewhat sterile and impersonal. So here’s some images of renovated Airstreams that might inspire you to make this design icon your permanent weekend home.


A great setting for afternoon tea or an evening cocktail. via fyidesign.com


A nice spot to write post cards to your jealous friends back home. via apartmenttherapy.com


This remodeled Airstream called “Stella” takes us back to the hey day of family road trips. via vintageairtreamer.com


A cabin in the woods? You pick the woods. via Architectural Digest


Or perhaps bowling is more you speed. via Mali Mish

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