Let the Sunshine In


We have it lucky here in California. While the rest of the country has to wait for these three ever-precious, always too short months of summer for warm weather, we get it the majority of the year (albeit in snippets up here in San Francisco). And there’s no substitute for a warm breeze flowing through an open window–the whoosh of heat from an open air duct just does not compare.

So it’s no wonder that California architects know how to do indoor-outdoor living spaces better than anybody. Below, a few great examples from firms around the state using giant windows, wall pockets, and sliding doors to let the sunshine in–and the rest of nature’s beauty with it.

A room with a view from Space International.

Wall pockets open up this living area and dining space from Nicholas/Budd Architects.

Can’t you just feel that breeze? Via Space International.

Retracting doors on both sides of this home by Ehrlich Architects create an airy pavilion-like space opening out onto the surrounding gardens.

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