CHDResource and Evernote: Create Lists of Your Home+Design Inspirations!


I’m sort of a list fanatic. I make lists of songs I want to download, recipes to try, clothes I have my eye on and ideas for sprucing up my apartment. I used to keep these lists as somewhat nonsensical notes on my iPhone until I discovered Evernote, every list fanatic’s dream!  Evernote’s a web, desktop and mobile-based list maker. You can organize your lists (which can be made up of anything from text to web links to images to voice memos) into folders (I have one called “Home Things I Want to Buy But Probably Can’t Afford”) and access them from the web, desktop or your mobile phone. It takes my somewhat spastic tendency to jot things down and makes sense of it.

And…exciting news! has teamed up with Evernote to offer our ongoing editors’ lists of their home design inspirations in note form. In the new Evernote Trunk, you can now find our editors’ favorite kitchens and baths with their thoughts on why they love them. Download these notebooks and then peruse our archives of rooms to add favorites of your own. You’ll then have all of your home and design inspiration files in one, easily accessible place.

So get list-making!

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