Renegade Craft Fair Comes to California


The problem with most craft shows is that you usually have to wade through a bunch of unfortunate items in order to get your hands on the really good stuff. Luckily, that’s never the case with Renegade. The country-crisscrossing fair always manages to gather the cream-of-the-crafty-makers-crop under one roof. And with free admission, tasty snacks and plenty of activities, it’s become a must-attend event to look forward to every year.

They’re pulling into LA this weekend (July 24-25), then will make their way up to San Francisco the following week (July 31-Aug. 1), so now’s the time to start getting your game plan together. Walking shoes, bottle of water, fist of cash: check. And here’s my list of artists not to miss:

Sara Paloma’s ethereal ceramics will be on display in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s 3 Fish Studios will be on hand at both shows. Taco Truck prints, $75

The LA show will include a booth of Miniature Rhino’s vintage inspired embroidery.

Pick up Paulova’s pretty pottery in LA or SF.

Handmade pieces from Eri’s Pottery will be for sale at the LA show.


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