Perfectly Imperfect: Striped Walls


Having painted every room in pretty much every apartment I’ve lived in, I fancy myself quite handy with a paintbrush. Yet ask me to paint stripes on a wall and watch all the blood drain out of my face. All of that measuring, taping, prepping, painting, drying, and painting again is enough to make this girl throw in the roller. It’s like taking all of the mundane aspects of the job and multiplying them by two (or more, depending on the number of colors in your stripes).

But this carefree painting application … this I can get behind. Aside from the walls’ edges, there’s no fussy taping here. Simply start at one edge to ensure a straight first line, and brush away. If you want to make sure the spacing is the same between stripes, first draw lines in pencil where’d you like the middle of your stroke to land. It’s easy-peasy, and offers a fresh take on your standard stripes.

Image: LivingEtc

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