Get the Look: Bird Wallpaper a la SF’s Bloodhound Bar


With a name like Bloodhound, one might think this San Francisco bar would be all old English pomp and pub-dom with hunted deer heads decorating every nook and cranny. But while the distressed wood walls, padded stools, and yes, an antler chandelier or two, might call to mind the trappings of an ancient hunting lodge, a few modern accents keep the place feeling like a chic den rather than a time warp.

Designer Lauren Geremia of Geremia Design (and a nominee in 7×7’s Hot 20 Under 40 this year) was the mastermind behind getting that cozy feel with a contemporary edge. If you stop by, don’t forget to look up; the flocks of birds swirling overhead really make the space.

Recreate the look at home with a few sheets of Trove’s “Indi” wallpaper style, shown above. It’s a striking addition to any room, and–unlike the decor in an actual lodge–it thankfully doesn’t require a hunting license.

Images: Geremia Design, Trove

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