Trade Your Old Dinnerware for Discounts at Heath Ceramics


It’s no secret; I’ve got a major crush on Heath Ceramics and pretty much everything they put out into the world. The workshops, artist collaborations, and did I mention the tableware? It’s all pitch-perfect and highly covetable. And while I’ll continue to update my little collection at the snail’s pace my budget can afford, anyone out there in the L.A. area now has the opportunity to get there’s together at a faster clip–and help out a good cause at the same time.

Bring your old plates, bowls and other dinnerware to Heath’s Beverly Boulevard store during the month of August and they’ll donate it to the Skid Row Housing Trust, a local organization working to develop, manage, and operate homes for the homeless of the city. In return you’ll get 25 percent off any corresponding Heath dining pieces (i.e., 8 old mugs will get you a discount on 8 Heath mugs, and so on). Trading in your old mismatched cast-offs for Heath’s slick designs? If that’s not a reason to head over, I don’t know what is. More info here.

Image: Heath Ceramics

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