Designer Wine Labels


Admit it, often the deciding factor between selecting one similarly priced wine over another is the look of the label. Here are a few wine labels that are really taking it to the next level:


Eric Kent Cellars in Colorado has gained a reputation for their artistic wine labels. Shown here is their bee-motiffed This Moment. Next is the surrealist beauty of Linnaca Rhizatomi’s 2008 Cabernet Sauvigon label.


If you want your bottle to do more than just hold wine, check out these labels: Puzzle Winery, Lazarus Wine’s braille bottle, R Wine’s Boarding Pass Shiraz, and Bootleg’s Itallian wine collection.


They may appear only a knotch up from boxed wine, but the turpentine-like can design from Mini Garage Winery and the jug bottle from Francis Ford Coppola Winery is certainly more stylish.


Even the carriers that hold wine have evolved. Check out this wine carrier that doubles as a lamp by Spanish design firm Ciclus.



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