Stay Sane: Pip & Estella’s Home Design Kits Make Decorating Easy


Scouring antiques markets, pricing sofas, and picking paint colors, not to mention meeting with painters, handymen and other contractors–decorating a home takes serious legwork. If you’ve got anything else going on, like say, a job, a family, a life–it can be hard to finish a home project in any reasonable amount of time. And even once you’ve got the basic layout of a redecorated room in place, it’s the just-right accents that make your new space complete and–unfortunately for any type of timeline you had in mind–take forever to find.

That’s why online home store Pip & Estella is so brilliant. They comb vintage shops and flea markets to find the decorative touches you need, then put them together in easy to purchase sets. The feature, called Buy the House, comes in a range of styles from “Gypsy Den” (think lots of deep pinks and golds) to “Bailey Farm” (vintage wire baskets, floral tablecloths). You pick the “home” that best matches your design aesthetic and then buy one piece or, at a discounted price, the whole lot.

And continuing in their tradition of delivering beautiful vintage items minus the scrounging, P & E’s new line Vintage Via offers table linens in colorful, hard-to-find older fabrics for your home. The new collection just went online yesterday, so check back regularly for updates.

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