Modern Playhouses (for the Discerning Child)


Building a proper playhouse is one of those life moments plenty of ambitious parents aspire to create. But actually making a structure you’d feel confident letting your offspring in, on, or near? That’s a bit trickier. For the less carpentry-savvy parent, Modern Playhouse has you covered. Their stylish mini-houses are just like you’d make them … that is, if you could.

Each little house is carefully made by hand using non-toxic materials, and they’re anything but flimsy. The package arrives at your door in five easy-to-assemble pieces, meaning you look like a master craftsperson simply by using the hardware and assembly tool included with the kit (so put away that sad Ikea toolbox). And keeping with the company’s eco-conscious creed, the playhouses can be reconfigured for growing kids, so they won’t end up in a landfill after one short year of use.

Playhouses officially go on sale September 1st, but pre-order yours starting August 15th and get 20% off the purchase price.

Link via Desire to Inspire

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