Robshaw for Cheap at Trove this Thursday


John Robshaw bedding displays always kill me. They invariably feature a perfectly chic mix of exotic patterns and prints, all in achingly soft, washed-until-just-right fabric, topped with a tower of tempting pillows. If I see one in a store I’ve got to will myself not to burrow in and make a little nest. Case in point:

Cozy, no? Robshaw obviously has a way with patterns, pairing an array of fabrics for each season’s collection to create looks that seem at once effortless and casual–yet also impossibly chic. (“Oh this? I just threw together some linens from my travels and say! They happen to be insanely complimentary.”)

If you’re looking to get that same cozy and eclectic style at home and you’re in the Bay Area, RSVP posthaste for Trove’s Indian Shopping Soiree happening this Thursday. The Berkeley home decor outlet always has a slew of Robshaw treasures marked down anywhere from 50 to 80 percent off (crazy, right?), but you can take an extra 15 percent off the night of the event.

Aside from great discounts they’ll also have yummy nibbles, a raffle, and of course beautiful bedding at which to ogle. But if you see a rustling underneath that pile of pillows, apologies–spot’s taken.

More info and RSVP details available here.

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