California Love–In Cutting Board Form


California’s silhouette is arguably the most recognizable of all the states, what with its long and slender, almost boomerang-like shape. So, unlike any of those square-ish states that are impossible to tell apart when taken outside of map context (I’m looking at you, Wyoming and Colorado), CA’s outline is ripe with design possibilities.

Case in point: Etsy shop AHeirloom’s state-shaped plyboo (that’s a plywood made out of 100% renewable bamboo) cutting boards. Who knew our fair state’s silhouette would be the perfect foil for an extensive cheese platter?

And no need to fret, Bay Area folks; the tiny heart atop L.A. can be customized to land where ever you lay your head.

To be fair, AHeirloom offers other states too, but let’s be real: It’s hard to argue with the beauty of California, whether you’re talking about its sandy beaches, scenic parks … or aptitude for cheese display.

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