Statement Piece: Rosenthal Vases


Oftentimes an old mason jar will do just fine for showing off a bouquet; other times call for something more dramatic. In such cases these vases from Rosenthal are just the ticket. Their exceptional contemporary designs make a big statement, whether holding flowers or sitting empty on a mantel. And for a unique, show-stopping gift for the person who has it all, they’re just the ticket.

To me, the Fast collection instantly called to mind the speedy streak of Roadrunner jetting by on old episodes of Looney Tunes.

What looks like a precarious stack of porcelain is actually one solid vase from the Reunion collection.

If you’re accident-prone, consider this a preemptive measure: Phases vases already appear cracked and fragile.

All of these Rosenthal styles (plus over a hundred more) are available through L.A. home store Fitzsu Society.


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