PBTeen’s Light Cube


Most kid’s furniture lines consist of pastel pinks or manly blue-hued match-y room décor, and PB Teen is usually no different. But wade through all those beanbags and sports-themed bedding and you might just find an affordable, modern piece that works for people past puberty too.

This plastic occasional table  houses an LED bulb inside that’ll emit a soft glow for hours. And since it’s cordless, you can easily move it around your apartment or home to any spot that could use a little extra light. I’d love to see two used flanking a low bed as nightstands–no reading lamp required. Or if there’s room in the bathroom it could hold towels during the day and provide just the right ambient lighting for an evening bath. It’s not the first light cube we’ve seen, but at $149 it’s certainly the most accessible.

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