Win $10,000 Courtesy of CB2 and the Selby


Photographer Todd Selby has a knack for getting the shots of interiors everyone wants to see. I’ve declared my love for his website before, and it comes as little surprise that I am by no means alone in this sentiment. The Selby offers a voyeuristic look at the homes of creative individuals from all walks of life, sharing glimpses into their lives that are at once casual, intimate, and thoroughly addictive.

Picking up on the site’s massive popularity, budget furniture chain CB2 has partnered with the Selby to bring a major contest for all would-be Selby contributors. Upload three images of the most unique, cool, interesting–in a word, “Selby-esque”–parts of your home. Accumulate as many votes as you can muster up, and you could win $10,000 toward a shopping spree at CB2 and a private photo shoot from Mr. Selby himself. Runner-up prizes are nothing to sneeze at either (think more generous gift cards from CB2). So what are you waiting for? Start readying your home for its close-up.

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