Blue Sky Blue


It’s really, finally, truly here! SoCal folks might be over the warm weather by this point in summer, but those of us in the city of San Francisco are all severely depleted in Vitamin D thanks to a thick layer of fog that hasn’t moved from overhead since somewhere around the Fourth of July.

But this past weekend brought the first chip in what seemed like an impenetrable white sky–so dingy white, in fact, that it looked like someone forgot to draw it in. Thankfully that tiny chip turned into a larger crack, and before I had time to dig my sunglasses out of storage the sun was visible and real light (not from a heat lamp!) was streaming through. It seems as if a spell has been broken, as we’re going on two whole days of clear blue skies in a row. In honor of its return, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds inspired by the bright blue air up there. Behold:

The sky is now full of happy, chirping birds, much like in this pillow from Skinny laMinx.

One stray cloud is allowed, as long as it’s as cute as this dish from Paper Boat Press.


The happy goats, tall peaks, and idyllic mountain scenes in this fabric from Ikea remind me of Julie Andrews serenading the hills in The Sound of Music. I’m ready to do the same if this weather keeps up.

Disregard the description of this bedskirt from Anthropologie. It says the color is “lime”, but in person it is actually that brightest of teal blues that only coastal skies can achieve.

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