Candleholders from Ferm Living


This colorful collection of candleholders from Ferm Living is really hitting the spot today. I want groupings of them dispersed around my house for some ambient lighting, or to use as a mood-making centerpiece for an outdoor dining table.

They’re made from turned wood and come in three sizes, but my favorite part is the inspiration from which they sprang: Lady and the Tramp! I had a record of songs from the movie when I was young and to this day and can still sing pretty much every one word-for-word. And–indulge me for a sec–did you know the title was changed to Lily and the Vagabond in Italian? If anyone would like to produce a movie starring me with that title, I’m game. Not sure who’d play the vagabond yet, but he’d no doubt be a lovable cad.

But back to the inspiration for the candles. Who can forget the scene where Lady and her rough-around-the-edges cohort share a plate of pasta al fresco, with nothing but the stars and a few candle-holding wine bottles to light the night? Grab a few of these pretty candlesticks, put the pasta water to boil, and you’ve got an instantly romantic evening for you and your vagabond under the stars tonight.


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