Laundry Hampers: The Devil’s in the Details


We spend our time obsessing over home design, trying to think about the big picture of a room or overall style of a home. But sometimes the devil’s in the details. And for all the amazing furniture, paint colors, and finishing touches swirling through our heads, it’s easy to overlook the mundane details of a home that, with a quick switch, could make all the difference.

Take laundry hampers, for instance. Who thinks about those? There are so many blah ones in the world that it’s easy to pick one up as an afterthought and call it a day. But think of how often you’ll use your hamper, and the space it can take up in a room. It’s these everyday items that, when replaced with something more special, can make all the difference.
Made in Senegal, these beautiful baskets are just the antidote to the mundane hamper. They’re handmade from recycled prayer mats that are coiled into durable, stunning, and functional storage. The large shape is perfect for corralling toys, storing blankets, or, of course, holding your laundry.

Seeing one of these beauties every day would definitely put a smile on my face. And really, how often can you say that about a laundry basket?

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