Inspiration: Local Up & Coming Online Mags


While I’m of the old school belief that nothing can truly compare to picking up the latest copy of your favorite glossy, leafing through crisp pages, and dog-earing it to death, I still love me some online magazines. And in the shelter department, “old” favorite (true it’s been around for less than a year, but everything’s relative in this new medium) Lonny is getting some stiff competition from a local up-and-comer.

San Francisco blogger Ann Sage of The City Sage and Plush Palate writer Crystal Gentilello are looking to make a jump into the online mag biz with their new joint venture, Rue Magazine. The title will go live on September 16th, but before then you can get a little sneak peek of the issue here. Judging by these first photos, it looks like a must-bookmark site.

And speaking of online publications, the latest issue of Nesting Newbies should be coming out any day now, and in it you’ll find a spread of California design bloggers, including yours truly and CH+D Associate Editor Erin Feher. Find it here when it goes live.

Image: Manny Rodriguez

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