Inspiration: Vintage Cocktail Shakers


I’ve never been all that interested in having an actual bar in my home; thoughts of a typical “man cave” with leather swivel seats and posters with poker-playing dogs come too quickly to mind, I’m afraid.

But when I stumbled across this image the other day, I couldn’t help but swoon, mainly for the awesomely extensive vintage cocktail shaker collection in back. I’ll admit I’ve been swept up in the artisan drink movement that’s seen the rise of many speakeasies, artisan cocktails, and professional mixologists over the last few years. And while a full-on bar in the home might not exactly be my cup of tea (or, for that matter, glass of something stronger), I do love the warm, hospitable look of a tray or cart stocked with everything your guests need to whet their whistles. So maybe a stylish shaker (or twenty) is in order to dress up my drinking area. Below are a few beauties that would be a welcome addition to a collection of any size.


Clockwise, from top left: Get your mind out of the gutter! Despite its slightly naughty shape, this shaker can mix up a drink faster than a speeding bullet; bring a little sparkle with a gold-plated version; the shape of the Brandt Cocktail Shaker  from Alessi was popular in the 1920s; a white-enameled finish sets Sagaform’s shaker apart; Georg Jensen’s cocktail set  blends stainless steel with smoky glass; the Century shaker from Tiffany looks like the façade of an Art Deco building.

Top image: James Tse for Canadian House and Home

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