Soho House in West Hollywood Perfect for Summer Nights


There’s something about the end of August, perhaps harking back to those days when there was little to worry about, school had yet to start, and you were trying to squeak every moment of living out of the season before it ended. I still get the feeling this time of year that every warm summer night must be savored, even if the weather is unlikely to change anytime soon.

My plan is to enjoy these last few days of the month by soaking up each blissfully warm evening outdoors–preferably with cocktail in hand. The new rooftop terrace at Soho House in West Hollywood offers just the place to do so. Designed by Waldo Fernandez and Inner Gardens, the outdoor space is located fourteen stories up, offering spectacular views of the city. But despite the city locale, you’ll still get to enjoy the pull of nature thanks to a canopy of olive trees that gently rustle overhead with each sip of drink you take. And should the weather take a turn for the worse, you’ll be covered, thanks to the garden’s retractable roof–ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely evening outdoors long after summer’s end.

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