Picture Frames that Pop


A gallery wall full of framed pictures is something I aspire to build in my house, but more often than not my jpegs languish on a flash drive for years before I get around to framing any of them. It’s not for lack of interest, or pure laziness on my part either. I just have a hard time forking over hundreds of dollars for a quality framing job of that magnitude. Sure, I could pick up a bundle of Ikea frames and be done with it–which I often do–but I like a little variety in there too.

Next time I’ve got a photo that’s begging for a dramatic pop I’ll make sure to use the pin-up frame. These plastic, easy, cheeky frames go up in no time and require little more than four tacks and some empty wall space. You can also use a few magnets to give your fridge’s photo collage some added pomp. Available online from MollaSpace.

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