Etsy Favorites Around California


Our sister publication 7×7 recently asked readers to share their favorite local Etsy stores. With the amount of time I spend poring over that site I could probably have learned how to knit, sew, or crochet for myself by now, but since I’m still no master crafter, perhaps I can consider myself a master of the Etsy markets instead. With that self-acclaimed title in mind, here’s a rundown five California-based shops that are currently making up my favorite places to peruse in the wide world of Etsy.

1. Katie Armour’s eponymous Etsy store is filled with pretty little vintage home accessories at great prices–usually $30 or below. Watch her blog, The Neo-Traditionalist, for shop updates, and then head over quick! I snoozed on the gorgeous mirror shown above and lost out to a speedier buyer.

2. Cat Seto’s charming illustrations always put a smile on my face. I keep one of her calendars on my desk for a little inspiration. Plus, it doubles as a pencil holder!

3. Willa Skye Home’s profile is short and to the point: “I love designer fabric!” she says. I hear you, sister. That’s why I’m always perusing her selection of pillows, each made with fabulous patterns that you just can’t find at most discount fabric stores.

4. You know I love most anything that’s rustic-chic, and not much fits that description better than driftwood candleholders from Carmel seller Nature’s Cabinet.

5. Maybe it’s a sign of these uncertain economic times, but if the plethora of inspirational posters available on Etsy right now is any indication, it seems everyone’s looking for a kind word to keep on keepin’ on.  I’m currently partial to the slightly retro style of prints from Farouche. Maybe this one will inspire me to get crafting myself.


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