Everyone’s Talking About: Eziba


If my inbox is any indication, I’d say everyone is getting into the private sale sector. DailyCandy’s Swirl brings me clothing deals, One Kings Lane is my go-to for discounted interior decor, and Gilt Groupe offers a bit of everything all in one.
Well crank up your clicking finger, because we’ve got one more to add to your daily email intake. Overstock.com just threw their hat into the private sale ring with the newly launched Eziba. But it’s not your typical big O fare, with current and upcoming sales ranging from KitchenAid (unfortunately sold out already) and rustic furniture from C.G. Sparks, to fondant-cutting machines (for the anal-retentive baker in your life), hair straighteners, and Gucci goods.  It’s kind of a motley assortment, but with plenty of good stuff to keep you perusing for… well, at least until the next email hits your inbox. Check it out online here.

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