Classy Touch: Matchstick Bottles from Rare Device


I’ve gone into great detail on the candle situation in my house before. In short, my boyfriend is quite the fan, and as long as he’s getting the subtle scents I like, we can agree on one or two burning throughout the house at any given time. But a display of prettily packaged candles gets knocked down a peg when they’re next to that bright plastic gas station lighter we use to light them. Convenient as it may be, it just doesn’t fit the mood.

Oakland resident Jen Pearson knows the feeling, and thankfully came up with a solution. After looking for something special enough to light the incense and candles she keeps at home, she finally decided to come up with her own solution by placing matches in a lovely reclaimed apothecary jar. But how to strike them to get a flame? Don’t worry; she thought of that too. By hand-etching the bottom of the bottle, you get a strikeable surface, a pretty addition to your home, and that old lighter can hit the road.

Reclaimed Apothecary Matchstick Bottles available online or in store at San Francisco’s Rare Device.

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