Chairtastic’s Chic Chairs Made From Recycled Materials


When it comes to good design, the chair is an object on which we can all offer up our two cents. It’s easy to know when a seat works well because it feels comfortable, it’s ergonomic, and of course, it looks good while doing so. If it’s made from environmentally friendly resources, well hey, that’s icing on the cake.

That’s why I’m currently in love with the chairs from Chairtastic. The designs look, as the name suggests, pretty fantastic, with wood that’s polished to a supple glow and clean lines that expertly meld form and function. But better still, they’re made from recycled materials, often created by reimagining old beat-up chairs that have seen better days. 

The studio is based in San Francisco and can be visited by appointment, or you can find ready-made designs at stores across the city, including General Store and the Curiosity Shoppe. If you’re in S.F., go try a seat and give us your two cents below.

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