Eternal Calendars from Claire Nereim


“A calendar in the middle of the year? Stop the insanity!” I hear you say. I know we’ve just entered September, but hear me out: These prints from Los Angeles artist Claire Nereim are built for this year, the next, and so on ad infinitum.

It’s the last calendar you’ll ever need! Erm, well, not quite. While Nereim’s prints are quite beautiful, they won’t actually tell you what the date is today, if it’s a leap year, or how many days hath September.

But if you live in California (check!), they will tell you handy things like what fruits and vegetables are ripe for the picking this month, or which wildflowers are native to the state–you know, the information you actually want to know any time other than when you’re dating a check. 

Plus, they’ll save you from the inevitable heartache that comes each January 2nd at settling for a blah calendar out of the picked-over remainders at your bookstore. And if that’s not worth an early reminder, I don’t know what is.

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