Getting Excited for the Nate Burkus Show


It’s officially September, which means I can officially start getting pumped for a new season of TV. Oh, it’s not usually something I get worked up over; other than “30 Rock” and “Mad Men” (okay fine, and maybe a little “Jersey Shore”) there’s not much on these days that really does it for me. But this season promises something new–not to mention Oprah-approved.

Anyone else excited for the new Nate Berkus show ? A tiny tidal wave of commercials airing the past few days reminded me of the talented designer’s  new venture, which is due to premiere on September 13th. I’m really hoping the main brunt of the program will be about interior design, though with its format as a daily talk show I have a feeling they’ll veer into more touchy-feely territory pretty often. As long as we get to see new rooms from Nate from time to time, I’ll probably tune in. And until the show starts I’ll keep poring over his portfolio   and furniture collection for the Home Shopping Network . (How much do you love this studio sofa  , by the way?)

So are you planning on watching Nate’s new show this fall? What interior design show do you make sure to catch, if any?

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