New Trend: Steampunk


Lately a few of us at CH&D have been hearing the word “steampunk” thrown around. What is steampunk you might ask? Steampunk—which has just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary—is a sub-genre of science fiction that takes place in a futuristic world that is still powered by steam and often evokes Victorian Era style. Confused? Think: Jules Vern, H.G Wells and Captain Nemo meets 21st Century… almost. In terms of design it’s an interesting mix of industrial chic, vintage pharmacy, brassy modern and…well, just take a look.


There’s an entire blog called Steampunk Home with pictures of tubs, lights, computers and even a Brooklyn penthouse that are dedicated to the steampunk style .


One Victorian homeowner has turned his entire house steampunk.


Dutch designer Dennis Slootweg takes discarded pieces of industrial metal and refashions them into furniture worthy of the steampunk label.


So there’s a little Steampunk style for you. Is it starting to make sense? Even if it can’t easily be defined, it’s certainly a look that seems to be catching on.








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