Johanna Richter’s Swing Necklace


Every home deserves a little dash of playfulness in its design, whether it be as straightforward as, say, a giant giraffe or as subtle as an added furry throw pillow. File this unexpected find in the former category. Is it a swing? A necklace? Good god of fun, it’s both.

Johanna Richter’s Swing Necklace  is like a dangly bauble for your home, and like any good piece of costume jewelry, it could be just the right amount of over-the-top embellishment to complete your room’s ensemble. It comes in both soft gray felt (good for kids’ rooms) or beechwood, and the length can be customized to best fit your space. Hang one up and instantly boost the amusement level in any home.

Available through L.A.-based online retailer Sleek Identity (link via SFGirlbyBay)

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