California Designer Subtly Overhaul’s the Oval Office


We try to steer clear of political issues on here, but recent events have come to light and I feel we can no longer hold our collective tongues.

It’s the president’s new office makeover! Los Angeles designer Michael Smith produced a low-key, recession-style redo for the oval office, and so far it’s been met with ‘meh’ reviews. True, there’s a lot of beige and no dramatic interior design flourishes to act as juicy fodder for decorating fans. But–and forgive me if I’m wrong–isn’t that how it should be? The president’s office is no place for flashy embellishment, in my humble opinion–leave that to rock stars and mafioso.

Of course when it comes to any and all matters regarding our nation’s leader, everyone has an opinion to share. The New York Times compiled a motley crew of designers, pundits, and psychologists to offer their two cents on the new look, and the answers range from thought provoking (the deeper meaning behind those family photos placed behind the desk) to downright cold-blooded. (Oh no you didn’t, Ann Coulter!)

But what do you think? See more pictures at the New York Times, then share your constructive thoughts below.

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