Design Dilemma: Charge it!


As electronics evolve so does design. The iPads, iPhones, iPods, Droids and the like that are taking over our lives are also taking over the desktop with a mass of noodle-like charging wires.

When it comes to technology accessories, it’s best not to invest too much. After all, today’s smart solution is tomorrow’s dowdy Craigslist posting (think VHS tape drawers or television armoires).

One of my new favorites is the iPad holder from Not only does this elegant stand hold the device at the perfect angle for viewing, it allows it to be charged without taking up space.

Another favorite is the single-phone charger from Crate & Barrel. The traditional phone valets with multiple grommets can get bulky, and this item’s compact design is perfect for the singleton or individual desk. Plus, since it costs less than $10, you won’t be kicking yourself when the next hot phone (one that will, no doubt, fit anything you currently own) comes along.

The other side of the coin is the person who has multiple phones and devices. The long and low Gomadic Universal Charging Station has four different tips that can handle any electronic you throw at it. The before and after on illustrates the benefits of the station perfectly.

The simplest (and most inexpensive) phone caddy I’ve encountered is the Drinn. So straightforward, so many colors…what’s not to love? And, best of all, it takes up no surface space at all.

Finally, for the more whimsical among us, there’s the Kikkerland Grass Charging Station. Fun, faux and good for a laugh.

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