MAK Center’s Mackey Apartments


Although I love a home full of personal effects and passed down treasures, sometimes the clean look of minimalist spaces speaks to me more–usually when my house is in need of a good purging. Regardless of the reason though, MAK Center’s Mackey Apartments are my current minimalist ideal.  The Los Angeles organization works to explore the ever-changing intersection of architecture, art, and culture, and their mission particularly resonates in their own SoCal headquarters. Operated out of the former home of Frank LLoyd Wright apprentice and renowned architect Rudolph M. Schindler, the space is a modernist’s dream. Schindler also designed the center’s Mackey Apartments, which house visiting artists and architects to the MAK program.  Local design studio Space International re-imagined the apartments several years ago to update them for contemporary living, and what I love most about the look is the use of bold blocks of color throughout. Each has a minimal white background with one hue–orange in one apartment, sky blue in another–acting as an accent. Although I love a mix of patterns and bright colors, sometimes it feels like a breath of fresh air to wipe away all embellishment and work with just the bare bones. More photos of the Mackey Apartments can be found on Flickr–this set offers a particularly good glimpse inside. 
Images: Space International

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