Roche Bobois’ New Limited Edition Collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier


In honor of its 50th anniversary, French furniture house Roche Bobois  is pulling out the big guns, unveiling a new limited edition collaboration with legendary fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier. Of course in true Gaultier fashion, things are decidedly over the top (remember Madonna’s cone bras?), but for fans, anything less would no doubt be a letdown. Expect lots of sailor stripes, old tattoo motifs, and, of all things, mah jong-inspired patterns.

Minus the gaudy “Gaultier” emblazoned pillows, I kind of love the modular seating. If I was designing an opium den-like lounge area, the floor would be covered in these comfortable looking cushions.

The Paravent Wardrobe opens up to offer storage space, mirrors, and, from the looks of it, I’m pretty sure if you stick a person in there and turn it three times they’ll disappear. Could be a bonus feature? Depends on how you look at it.

See the entire Jean Paul Gaultier collection online at Roche Bobois.

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