Mike & Maaike’s Thoughtful Furniture


Getting people to stop and notice a unique design is hard in today’s overly saturated , lackadaisical world, but to get them to look twice? Well, that’s not something that happens every day. Yet San Francisco industrial design studio Mike & Maaike manages to continually crank out projects that do just that. The studio’s furniture design takes a concept and manages to dig a little deeper, turning a shelf into a custom library, a chair into a personal coccoon (complete with peek hole). Below, a few highlights from their work:

Described as “a room-within-a-room”, the Windowseat Lounge provides a little personal space, while still offering a view of its surroundings.

The “power” version of Mike & Maikke’s Juxtaposed bookshelf gives pride of place to a select few influential tomes that examine the subject. Consider them like the backbone on which to build the rest of a library. Available from blankblank

For more information and a look at other projects, visit the Mike & Maikke website.

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