Academy of Art Architecture Students Do Pre-Fab One Better in East Bay


The most I ever built in school was a wicked mashed potato tower in the cafeteria, but then I was never a student of architecture at Academy of Art University. And it’s with good reason: Those students really know what they’re doing, far and beyond food sculpture. Take for instance this pre-fab project completed recently in San Francisco’s East Bay. Faced with creating an office space for a client of one of their instructors, the students in this graduate architecture class went above and beyond the standard boxy prefabricated structure to create a space that’s both beautiful and meets all of the homeowners’ needs.

The unit is broken up into two levels, with an office space with built-in desk and shelving at the bottom, and a lounge area for the family at top. The student team focused on sustainable practices for the building, using reclaimed redwood siding for the exterior and recycled denim for insulation. In all, they were able to reduce waste on the project to around merely and inch per every 12 feet of materials used–not bad for a building that you can’t eat when you’re finished.

Find out more about the project, including their citation win from the AIA, at the Academy of Art University website.

Via: Jetson Green

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