Cuckoo for Chicken Coops


I’ve fawned over countless homes on this blog before, from sprawling mansions to petite cottages; I’ve even yearned for a playhouse or two. But you’d think I’d draw the line at chicken coops, right? Sadly, no. It seems my property envy knows no bounds.

It’s this retro trailer-inspired abode from Modern Coop that’s done me in–or rather, opened the door into a new portal of home lust. After that is was a slippery slope …

… Leading to this compact dwelling (perfect for the urban hen) from Chicken Coops

… And ending up at the mother load of all coop design websites, It was there that this carriage house for poultry finally did me in. I don’t think I can abide my chickens having a better living space than me, and I’m pretty sure I saw this on Trulia the other day going for 2.5mil. So until I’ve got a comfortable enough home of my own, I’ll put on pause my coop craze. But if you’ve got one that gives these a run for their money I’d still love to hear about it below.

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