Are Doves Surpassing Owls as the New “It” Design Trend?


Birds are one of those design trends the gets a reinvention with every new season, and bless ’em, I always think they look good. But I’d be remiss to simply exclaim my love for those feathered friends, as it’s nothing new around here. So I’m cheating things a bit and getting particular. If owls were yesterday’s bird du jour, I’d bet my money that doves are the new “it” avians.

Want proof? Here’s a little roundup of dove-related objects that have caught my eye lately. In truth, there may be a few generic birds in there, but they look awfully coo-y to me.

Clockwise, from top left: Kreme wallpaper in “Birds”; Birds of a Feather custom geneology chart; dove tie back from Urban Outfitters; dove lamps, available at SFMOMA; ceramic dove dish from Etsy seller May Luk Ceramics

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