Quick Change Frames


Thanks to these magic modern times, we can all now take a picture and print it out just as soon as we please. But with great power comes great responsibility–how to decide which pics to frame and which to condemn to photo purgatory (i.e. your memory card)?

Don’t sweat it. There are plenty of chic options for letting all those old images see the light of day, and none require you break a nail trying to jimmy open the back of a frame.

Branch’s Arroyo Photo Cubes let you swap out your favorite pictures at a moment’s notice. The handsome walnut bases would look right at home on a well-appointed office desk.

Urban Outfitter’s Hanging Photo Clip has ample space for plenty of shots, and it doesn’t take up any desk or table space. I’d hang these in a kid’s room or use it as a quick-changing inspiration board.

I love these vintage pieces the owners behind online vintage shop Hindsvik use to display photos (via sfgirlbybay), but not everyone has a go-go Gadget arm lying around. Instead, follow their lead by reimagining vintage pieces found at flea markets into creative picture holders.

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