Stock Up: IKEA Bedding


I’m not usually one to stockpile items; my small apartment has room for the necessities and little more. But when it comes to bed linens, I let my inner hoarder loose. It’s funny that I can systematically, almost without fail, talk myself out of buying everything in a store, save for the sheet sets–and they’re probably the only thing I’m not in dire need of updating. But while I do love some high count, soft-as-silk cotton sheets, I like to play the field, and a confessed bedding addict can’t survive on the expensive stuff alone. That’s why I always end up with a duvet cover, or, on more than one occasion, two, when I stop by IKEA.

In this self-proclaimed expert’s opinion, opt for duvets or blankets and skip the sheets; the quality is not great (what did you expect for 20 bucks?) so you want a little buffer between your bod and the goods. Here are a few bed picks I’m thinking of making room for in my overstocked linen closet:

Talk about royal purple! This blanket feels swankety-swank as all get out. Karit bedspread in lilac, $49.99

HGTV’s latest Design Star winner Emily Henderson used this textured white duvet in a recent project (here’s a similar one).

This is my current favorite, a gray and white simple petal pattern that’s only $15 for a queen size. Hey, at that price, there are certainly worse shopping habits to have.

Image credit, second photo: The Brass Petal

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